valparaiso bay — 1st album (2014)




Vinyl and cd version + limited edition «pop up» cd (50)
Avalaible on : iTunes, Bandcamp, Deezer, Spotify

Sold at :
Balades sonores, 1 avenue de Trudaine, 75009 Paris, France
Black gold records, Brooklyn, NY11231, USA
L’oblique, 4333 rue Rivard, Montréal, QC, H2J 2M7, Canada
La plage, avenida italia, 1449 local 6, Santiago, Chili

Lehna : vocals, guitar, violin
Valentine : flutes
David Tufano : drums & cajon
Nicolas Ferreira : double bass
Julien David: saxophone & clarinet
Damien Somville : programming, snaps & claps

Recorded and mixed at Plastic Field Studio (Paris, 11th) from august 2013 to april 2014
Artwork : Javiera Hiault Echeverria, Graphic design : Claire Espinosa
Mastered by Benjamin Joubert, Manufactured by Squeezer
Produced by Damien Somville, Co-produced by Lehna and Plastic Folk Inventions

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In English, French or Spanish, lehna’s songs go back to origins. From north to south, east to west, this singer-songwriter takes us travelling through the countries where she found her inspiration – in languages, musical traditions, meetings with strangers – soon friends. At the heart of her singing, you will hear the echo of an Irish fiddle, of a Latino drum, of old country blues. The stories of her folk music are built through words and sounds, memory and emotion. She plays solo and with the group who accompanied her for the recording of her first album, “Valparaiso Bay”, released in 2014.


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